Waste Gasification and Renewable Energy

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  • FastOx® Gasification

Reducing Climate Pollutants

FastOx® Gasification has the ability to make a substantial impact on climate change mitigation by offsetting two sources of emissions - those from the methanization of waste in landfills, and the fossil fuels that would be used to create the same amount of energy FastOx gasification produces.

The offset of these two emission sources makes FastOx gasification carbon negative.



Our FastOx® Gasifier is robust and flexible solution, capable of processing municipal solid waste (MSW), hazardous waste, medical waste, construction and demolition waste, and much more.

The application of our waste gasification technology will eliminate pollution created by landfills and help reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil and the depletion of the earth's fossil fuel reserves.

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Calculate the Value of Your Waste

Sierra Energy makes its technology available through licensing. To determine if FastOx® Gasification is the right solution for your renewable project Sierra Energy has developed a calculator tool to estimate potential revenue and capital expenditures. Click here, to learn how much your waste could be worth.



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FastOx Gasification in Action

Common Misconceptions About Waste Gasification

Misconception: Waste gasifiers burn trash
Gasification is a completely different process than burning and incineration. Chemical reactions happen at the molecular level, causing matter to vaporize into gas, resulting in far fewer emissions and pollutants than burning.

Misconception: Waste gasification reduces recycling
Community recycling programs are imperative for helping promote awareness about individual and global waste generation. Waste gasifiers and most conversion technologies supplement and improve these efforts. 

Despite FastOx Gasification being uncharacteristically non-discriminate about the type of waste it processes, Sierra Energy supports finding the highest-and-best-use from available waste resources recommending an integrated approach for waste management. By working with recycling technologies, Sierra Energy creates strong unions dedicated to addressing all of the local waste needs while supporting existing programs and waste management infrastructure.