What has come to be known as FastOx® gasification was discovered by two steel industry engineers when closing down Kaiser Steel's Fontana, California facility. Though they initially foresaw their discovery as a means of producing iron in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner, they quickly realized that their discovery was even better at converting a wide variety of wastes into clean energy.

Chris Kasten and Chris Soderquist entered the gasifier concept in the UC Davis Graduate School of Business' 2002 Big Bang! Business Competition. The concept easily won the People’s Choice Award, as well as catching the eye of Mike Hart, a local entrepreneur and a judge at the Competition. 

Shortly thereafter, Hart founded Sierra Energy, secured the rights to the technology, and further developed it with the help of experts at UC Davis and in the energy, power, and steel industries. In 2009, the technology was selected for further development and testing at Technikon's Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) at McClellan Business Park, an independent testing facility funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

In 2013, the DOD, aided by grant funding from the  California Energy Commission, entered into an agreement with Sierra Energy for the construction of a modularized FastOx gasifier, known as the FastOx Pathfinder, at U.S Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) in Monterey California.

As construction of Sierra Energy's FastOx Pathfinder nears completion, Sierra Energy has received inquiries for systems that would total over $100MM in sales in the US, with interest in numerous additional systems being expressed by potential customers from around the world. Sierra Energy's FastOx technology is truly poised to change the way our world deals with its waste, creating a positive step towards the broad creation of carbon-negative energy and transportation fuels.

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