Sierra Energy’s FastOx Gasifier

The FastOx Gasifier is derived from the steel-making blast furnace, equipping us with several advantages:

  • Converting complex and difficult-to-recycle waste streams simultaneously
  • A simple design allowing for lower-than-average capital investment and highly competitive operating expenses
  • Scaling larger than anyone else in a single unit
  • Tapping the resources of a long-established and global, support industry

The FastOx GasFastOxMk5_B150ifier Enhances the Blast Furnace

Blast furnaces are large refactory-lined vessels used in the steel industry to convert iron ore into molten iron. Sierra Energy has enhanced this centuries-old technology by replacing the hot blast of air with injections of steam and oxygen. This allows the gasifier to operate more efficiently and increases the value of the syngas produced. It is this innovation that allows FastOx Gasifiers to produce syngas with high enough energy content to power a combined cycle turbine and clean enough to be used in renewable fuel production.

The Sierra Energy team is dedicated to making waste gasification globally attainable, to not only eliminate waste and help our nation progress towards energy independence, but to also fuel economic growth by creating jobs here in America.

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