The FastOx® Pathfinder is Sierra Energy’s first commercial system: a modular and universal waste gasification system that converts nearly any form of waste into renewable products. The initial FastOx system will produce electricity, later models are expected to produce renewable fuels such as diesel or hydrogen.

Net-Zero Installation at Fort Hunter Liggett

Currently, the first FastOx Pathfinder is under construction at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, CA. This system was contracted to help the Department of Defense meet their net-zero waste and net-zero energy installation goals. It will process approximately 10 tons of waste per day that cannot be diverted from landfills through reduction or recycling measures. 

FastOx Pathfinder
The Department of Defense has partnered with Sierra Energy to build this FastOx® Gasification System at Fort Hunter Liggett, an Army Garrison in California.

This simply-designed system delivers containerized and skid-mounted modules, including a FastOx gasifier, gas conditioning, a control room skid, the "syngas to end product" conversion module (e.g. diesel, electricity, or hydrogen production), feedstock preparation skids, and air separation equipment.

The main process of FastOx Gasification
The FastOx Gasifier is shown in blue, alongside the gas conditioning system (i.e. gas polishing, cooling and gas cleaning).

The FastOx Pathfinder allows organizations and municipalities to efficiently convert their waste into clean, renewable energy while simultaneously reducing their waste disposal and energy costs. For more information on economics, visit our calculator

Waste pre-processing
Inside the building, waste will undergo pre-processing before it is fed into the gasifier.

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