Sierra Energy featured in Comstock's Magazine.

Energy’s Waste: Can biomass gain traction in California’s regulatory quagmire?

Excerpt from Comstock’s Magazine, August 18, 2010

“And he’s not the only Capital Region biomass company looking mostly overseas. Davis-based Sierra Energy Corp. is also working on technology at McClellan that turns waste into energy using gasification, not traditional combustion. Sierra Energy could license the technology to more than a dozen power producers worldwide next year, according to Michael Hart, president and CEO. The key feedstock for Hart is municipal trash.

Every ton of waste that is gasified saves the world from more than 22 tons of greenhouse gases that would be produced if the waste were placed in a landfill, according to Hart. “Bear in mind that biomass is an immense source of material,” he says. “You’ve got municipal solid waste, which is the largest source of feedstock in California. Los Angeles County alone puts 20,000 tons of solid waste into a hole in the ground each day. It dwarfs the amount of emissions they are putting into the atmosphere from cars.””

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