Fastox Waste Gasification

      The United States, alone, creates over 250 million tons of waste each year. Landfills are exceeding their capacities all over the world. Not only that, they are major emitters of greenhouse gases and sources of harmful environment contamination. No one has found a way to cleanly and profitably convert all of this waste. Until now.

      FastOx leverages the centuries-old blast furnace, as an efficient and scalable means to convert nearly any form of waste into renewable energy. This technology has several advantages:

      Massive Size and Scalability

      FastOx can scale from 5 to well over 10,000 tons per day in a single unit.

      Simple Design

      The straightforward design of the blast furnace provides FastOx gasifiers with several maintenance and operation advantages, including the lack of moving or complicated parts and minimal maintenance or down-time.

      Waste Flexibility

      Because FastOx gasifiers can be utilized in multiple settings using multiple types of feedstock, Sierra Energy can target complex segments of the waste market. These markets include hazardous waste, MSW, industrial waste, medical waste, and construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

      Thorough Waste Conversion

      FastOx gasifiers thoroughly convert waste without creating toxic products requiring disposal.

      Retrofit Opportunities

      Sierra Energy plans to convert existing, idled blast furnaces into a commercially-viable FastOx gasifier, saving millions in initial capital investment.

      Global Support

      FastOx gasifiers can leverage the global support industry that already exists to service blast furnaces.